Welcome. All my paintings are in oils.  This one is on canvas, 60cm by 40cm. It was painted from a photograph I took, riding the rather pitchy foredeck of a catamaran, off the coast of South West Australia. Importantly, I only took a few pictures and spent most of the time just enjoying the sight of these wonderful creatures. And hanging on. That’s important too… The part of the painting that took most of the time was the big, rounded rock, top left. Found it really difficult to get the texture of the slopes right, while still keeping it in tune with the more jagged rocks on the right.

This is from a photograph I took in the Brazilian rain forest. The challenge was to preserve the feel of ancient and unmaintained trees without getting lost in the detail. It started to work when I put in the trunks, keeping them just off-white and very simple. Then the rest of the painting started to take on an ethereal air…including the figure.

Oil on board, straight from the tube without any solvent, and applied with a palette knife. It’s quite small, just 10″ by 8″, and from an old photograph. With this method, you pretty much have to get it right first time, as the colours mix and go muddy if you push the paint around. You can see in the foreground where I’ve picked up several colours at once with the edge of the knife, and then sort of wiggled it down the board. Some of the strokes I practice first on a bit of scrap. It’s dry now, but quite brittle….

I often crop my paintings after I’ve finished them (as long as they’re on board not canvas). Like many a photograph, they often seem punchier if you zoom in and skew a bit. Only I don’t use Photoshop… I use a hacksaw.