Palette Knife Paintings

The much photographed wreck at Diabaig. 20 years ago this was a restoration project, propped up near the pier and there’s a painting of that on my Diabaig page. Now I think it’s got away from him…. Oil on canvas (struggling under the weight of paint), 60cm by 40. 

Impasto, meaning: “thick layers of paint, with visible brush or knife strokes”. Great fun but you have to get it right first time. Moving the paint around just makes for muddy colours. You can scrape it right off and go again over what’s soaked in, but I try not to. I just paint them quickly, in one sitting, and have fun!

This is from a photograph I took, in Yosemite valley. Snow and water lend themselves well to this type of painting: it’s a bit like icing a cake. Sky I always find more difficult

“Driftwood” Somewhere along the shore at Diabaig.