Meet Me

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Not a recent picture, I have to admit (note the price of the magazine), but it’s where I started out, in a London fashion studio in the 1980s, basically getting paid to cuddle pretty girls. How I got away with the hair is a mystery but it beat working for a living and I learnt the business in a very hard school. Hence Annie, the Parisian model in Counting the Clouds, who is based on someone I did once know…
Ok, here’s a more recent picture:

the prototype mosquito PX313
I do know about broken. Five years ago I went to a pain conference in Switzerland…and smashed my leg. That’s when I plotted out Counting the Clouds, which opens on a ski slope. It was history repeating itself: my Mum once sent me to self-defence classes and I broke my arm just doing the warm up exercises. I’ve also rolled two motor cars and concussed myself by falling off a racehorse so, at 57, my body is somewhat weary and dented. But it has given me something to write about.
 Then I had a spell making furniture. Great fun, but hard to make money out of and yes, you’ve guessed it, I used to cut myself a lot…

More recently I’ve been a wedding photographer with a penchant for unusual viewpoints. The fact that it was Cyprus and 35 degrees had nothing to do with it… and it did make the bride smile!